Athlete of the Month - Leigh Boyce


“Athlete” of the month? I could not be any more surprised! This might be the first time the word has been used to describe me. Normally I would have described myself as clumsy or uncoordinated. That may still be true but TNT has taught me that those traits don’t preclude me from successfully participating fully in the classes. I so appreciate all the coaches and all that they do - you are all amazing!

Currently, I am personal training, taking Swift classes, and doing nutrition counseling. I even did the Open this year which is something I never though I could do. Honestly, I have often thought my time had passed, that I should have started all of this in my 20s not 30 years later. But I did it and got to enter my scores - there truly is a version of the workouts for everyone.

My reasons for being here are actually part of the TNT mission statement: “Our main objective is for our clients to be energetic, capable, and independent when they are 90 years old.” My mom had osteoporosis and the doctors believed it contributed to her death. Knowing that I am more likely to have it too means I need to do what I can to keep my bones strong and to constantly work on my balance. I want to be able to walk distances when we travel, play with my future grandkids, move furniture, carry bags of dog food; basically have as few limitations as possible.

To be a part of TNT means being part of a community where you come in, do your best, and are encouraged by everyone. Whether doing your best means a PR or just that you were able to walk in the door, both are celebrated - the community meets you where you are and never stops cheering for you.