Athlete of the Month - Lyndy Kachadorian


This AOM post is a little different this time because it’s not written by the athlete! April’s athlete of the month actually thinks it’s going to someone else but little did she know we’re going to take some time to talk about how awesome she is.

CrossFit TNT’s April Athlete of the Month is Lyndy Kachadorian! Lyndy joined the TNT staff as a coach a little over two years ago. We are so thankful that she decided to become a full-time coach at TNT as she is a great example of an overall good human-being for all of our members.

Lyndy always goes above and beyond for TNT and its members. From running nutrition challenges to coaching clients at 5am, to starting a non-profit organization for adaptable athletes, she is the definition of dedication. She is dedicated to helping people succeed, dedicated to her fitness/health, and dedicated to being the best coach/person she can be. She always has a positive attitude and is making people smile because she’s quite the goof ball too.

It’s easy to say 2020 is Lyndy’s year. She’s getting married, continuing to develop her non-profit organization, and helping us build TNT. Don’t worry, we don’t think you’ve peaked.. we know every year after this is yours too and we’re excited to watch you grow and make the most of it!

Let’s raise a glass of almond milk to you, Lyndy! Congratulations!

- Oscar and Courtney