Athlete Of The Month - Matt Clark


I feel honored that I was selected me for the Athlete of the Month. Thank you to all of the coaches who consistently correct my form and recommend accessory work. The coaches and the other athletes at TNT make it easy to want to come to the gym. We have a good community.

However, it didn't start easily for me. I fell into the excuse trap years ago. I started coming to TNT in 2013 for a couple of months and then quit. In 2016 after watching the Crossfit Games on TV, I knew I needed to give it another try. I was out of shape and relatively negative on the idea of getting healthy again. I told myself that I would give it 90 days. The first month was mentally challenging, but I found myself starting to look forward to coming. Now, I can't imagine not doing it. In all seriousness, it's fun to be able to mow the yard and still have the energy to be a dad.

I am probably like most people. I have a family with kids and a job that keep me busy. I travel often, and I could probably come up with a myriad of excuses that justify "I'm-too-busy." Frankly, if you're busy, Crossfit is perhaps the most natural fitness option to fit into hectic schedule-- show up, and an hour later, you're done.

At a Crossfit gym, we are all of different backgrounds and stages of life. There's a scalable fitness option for every ability (google it). Try it. It's fun.