Athlete of the Month - Matt Dugas


When I started CrossFit just over three years ago, little did I know how much I would enjoy going to “the gym.” I started CrossFit after my doctor told me I had elevated cholesterol. He said I could take medication or loose weight. At 38 years old, there was no way I was going to start taking medication when I was capable of losing weight. CrossFit re-introduced physical and mental workouts that I had not seen in years but also a focus on nutrition that you simply don’t find anywhere else.

Fast forward three years, I not only found a healthier lifestyle but also a community of support along the way. I appreciate the coaches and those of you that have become my friends over the past few years. Sometimes you all push me harder than I am willing to push myself and we all need that.

When people ask me why I “do” CrossFit, I tell them because there is no machine at a gym called “daddy, throw me in the air” or a machine called “carry me on your back.” Just a few weeks ago, when walking around Disney World, my 8 year old and even my 13 year old wanted to be carried, they said: “Come on dad, this is why you Crossfit!” So, they were carried!

This past year was a year of ups and downs with the cancer diagnosis and passing of my father. When I was a kid, he very rarely missed a game or track meet I was in. So, this past year, I spent time doing things “one last time” like playing catch in Busch Stadium. Along with that, one of the highlights of the year was when he came to watch a few workouts during the 2018 CrossFit open. Having him around to meet everyone and watch one last competition was very special to me.

I can’t say anything about CrossFit that everyone reading this doesn’t already know. So, I will just say thank you. Thank you to Rochelle and all the coaches for investing time in this business and in turn investing in all of us. And thank you to all the athletes at CrossFit TNT for pushing each other and being an active part of a fantastic community.