Athlete of the Month - Megan Steinmann


I walked through the doors of CrossFit TNT for the first time in
September of 2010. I had been looking for a way to make fitness a part
of my life for years and had not yet found where I belonged. I
trained for a half marathon, worked out at club fitness, tried to do
at home videos and after a while just lost motivation. I was a
competitive athlete as a kid from the time I was old enough to join
softball, volleyball and basketball. After high school I chose not to
pursue college athletics and for many years I bounced around trying to
find where I belonged. Enter CrossFit! I actually won a 3 month
membership to TNT by winning an essay contest. From my first
foundations class, I was hooked. Since that time I have been a
faithful member of this community and I look forward to every single
class I attend. The past 10+ years here I have worked out through two
pregnancies and c-section recoveries and those 8 weeks away from the
gym each time were so hard for me! TNT is a huge part of my life and
I'm here for the long haul. Thank you to all the coaches for helping
me get into the best shape of my life and for all the friends who make
this place feel like home!