Athlete of The Month - Mike Burkart

temp-post-imageWOW! Like most other Athlete's of the Month, I was very surprised to be selected and extremely honored. I never knew what Crossfit was until about six years ago when Sarah started Crossfit in Columbia. It took her and my nieces' about two years to convince me to try it. Needless to say, my only regret is all those years I spent in a global gym and not doing Crossfit. It was a huge waste of time, I've had more fitness gains in the last 3 years (minus 6 months hiatus for knee surgery) then I did all the years at the global gym. From my very first free foundations class, with that "damn" chipper that Courtney put me through, I new I had found my place. I'll always remember my very first WOD, doesn't everyone.

Ever since a knee injury in the Army, I have had issues with my knees which got worse of over the years as I gained quite a bit of weight because I couldn't work out, didn't really know how to work out and didn't really understand nutrition. Eventually, I was going to have to have my knees replaced and I wanted to be in the best shape I could before surgery. After my introduction to Crossfit, I knew Crossfit would be my way back to better health and the pre-hab I needed to be able to come back strong from having both knees replaced. Last year, after six months of surgery and PT, I was finally able to get back to the people and community who would really help me get back into shape, Rochelle, Oscar and the whole coaching staff at Crossfit-TNT.

I really enjoy Crossfit and want to thank the Crossfit-TNT community, especially the 6 am Dawn Patrol and my Crossfit family (Renee, Matt, Sammi, Sarah) for their support and encouragement over these last three years. After experiencing being a Master's athlete, I NEVER want to go back to just being.

See you all in class,