Athlete of the Month - Monica Balestreri

temp-post-image When I heard from Ro that I had been selected as Athlete of the month, I thought "She MUST have the wrong number!" Haha.

Back in 2016, I had been going through a difficult time dealing with my second miscarriage in just over a year. I was making all sorts of bad choices, sitting around feeling sorry for myself and just basically hating everything. I knew that I had to do something extreme to pull myself out of my downward spiral. That's when I decided to try Crossfit. I had been athletic in the past, swim team in high school and

training for a sprint triathlon in my early 30s, but it had felt like a million years since I had gotten off the couch. Could I survive?

I started off at another Box. There I was always the sweatiest, the last one to finish the WOD, and sometimes there were tears on the drive home but it had given me something positive to focus on. I was too tired and sore to be thinking or doing anything else that's for sure. I was enjoying Crossfit but I still didn't feel like that Box was the right place for me. That's when my then coworker Joe convinced me to come to TNT.

I immediately felt like TNT was home. The staff and members were welcoming, inclusive and so supportive. That was a year ago this month and I can't imagine my life without TNT. I am stronger both physically and mentally and I feel better than ever! I am finally eating pretty healthy (most of the time) thanks to Oscar's challenge last fall. My husband and I spend most of our Sunday's food prepping for the week. And I'm so excited to finally have a benchmark to compare to in June.

I think back to how I couldn't even do a lunge when I first started and it seems like so long ago. So much has changed since then, all for the better! I credit Crossfit for saving me from myself. I spend most of my time now gently nudging (okay maybe harassing) my non-Crossfit friends to join because I want them to feel just as good as I do. I still have a long way to go but I know with the amazing TNT coaches and supportive athletes pushing me forward that I will get there.

Well I guess some things haven't changed - I'm still usually the most sweaty in class! LOL