Athlete of the Month - Nykki Dash


I am overwhelmed with joy! What an honor it is to be selected as Athlete of the Month!

I had seen a few CrossFit competitions on ESPN and I figured why not try CrossFit. I was nervous, but I told myself I could do this. I knew lifts, squats, and cleans. What I didn’t know, is that what I thought I knew how to do, wasn’t even close to how it should be done. I didn’t know how to execute anything by CrossFit standards and it showed.

CrossFit humbled me quickly and wasn’t gentle about it. I stuck with it though, and it was tough in the beginning. It hurt a lot, but I couldn’t give up.

I’ve learned to take every PR, NO Rep, Rips, and Bail Outs as reasons to continue to push through and never give up.

I had to find a new CrossFit box in October of 2019 due to my work schedule. It was my fraternity brother Damon Parker “DP” who told me I should come with him and drop-in at CrossFit TNT. I immediately said, “ no, I heard they are the best of the best and I get new box anxiety.” He continued to ask and I finally agreed. I was nervous during the WOD, but Lyndy quickly helped that go away... the rest is history. I have grown even stronger as an athlete with the great coaching and corrections I receive during each session.

I have inherited an amazing fit family who pushes me beyond my comfort zone, and who is supportive and caring outside of the box as well. You all are Rock-Stars! I want to say Thank You again for selecting me as July’s Athlete of the Month.

This truly is an amazing honor ❣️