Athlete of the Month - Sam Platt


Looking back in my email, I find that I first connected to Crossfit TNT in December 2017. I had tried Crossfit at another box, but I didn’t really connect there. I had gained a few pounds of fat and lost a few pounds of muscle every year since college, and was sick of it. I first joined Weight Watchers, then once I was at a manageable size, began to work out. Up to that point, I had not ever really had any success in gaining true fitness in my workouts. Although many of the people I flew with and served with in the Navy were excellent, and even elite athletes, I did not progress past barely passing my required fitness scores.

My first goal for Crossfit was to show up regularly, work hard and not get hurt. That was a lot easier with the folks at Crossfit TNT. I really started to look forward to seeing the folks at Dawn Patrol. The friendships were apparent. The excellent coaching has always given me options to move towards goals I thought were not possible. I never thought I would even try to climb a rope again. Now that is something I can do. I initially got extremely sore by driving to specific weight goals before I was ready. Now I have changed my objective to get the movement qualitatively better before adding weight. I give myself a little more slack than I used to do and push hard when I can.

I am just about the only one in my Navy Flight School class who still flies fighter airplanes. I could not do that well without the improvement in fitness I feel from my time at Crossfit TNT. My wife likes the change in the way I look. I like the improvement in my energy and sleeping. I am a bit shocked to be named Athlete of the Month. It is the first time that it occurred to anyone to call me an athlete. Thanks to the great folks here at Crossfit TNT, Dawn Patrol, Coaches, and supporting family members. You are a huge part of making this a good turn in my life.