Athlete Of The Month - Sebastian Kaiser


I grew up in southern Germany in a small town in Bavaria close to the Austrian border and right in the center of an alpine valley. Pretty awesome place to live you think? It sure is, but when I was asked by my employer to help develop a new production plant in Missouri in a country I had never been to, I couldn't help myself but agree to a 6-month commitment. My main objective was to train the new hires. My side objective was to convince the beautiful lady in the purchasing department that It would be a good idea to go out with a foreigner with very little language skills and a strong accent. That's how I got to date my wonderful wife. You all know her, she's strong and fierce, just lately referred to as "The Assassin". Some just call her Allison though. She was the one who introduced me to TNT in 2015, and my life has changed a lot since.

Back in the motherland, I played soccer religiously (duh!) for 7 years but also tried my hand in boxing for about two years. When I got to the states, soccer didn't seem like an option anymore, so I joined a "Globo Gym" to watch my skinny toothpick-arms do curls in the mirror. Well, after taking the whole year of 2014 off, it was time to do something. Something better, something I hadn't done before. Also, Allison just couldn't stop talking about it.

Crossfit has been a tremendous influence on my lifestyle. Last year in July I quit smoking after 12 years when I realized that I actually have fitness goals, and it was standing in the way of me achieving them. The G3 competition in 2016 was also an eye opener. I thought I was kind of fit, but I really wasn't even close to where I wanted to be. Ever since then, I've been more aware of my physical fitness, adjusted my lifestyle, and started focusing on better nutrition. Overall, a life changing experience!

All of this wouldn't have been possible without our great coaches who like to push me to an annoyingly painful level every time they get the chance!

Thanks to all the babysitters for giving us an hour of freedom allowing us to dig deep instead of digging into diapers!
And last, special thanks to my wife for introducing me to CF and Jeff Buckner for being a great workout buddy and friend!

Harte Arbeit lohnt sich!