Athlete of the Month - Steve Mauricio


In thinking about my fitness journey at TNT, I went back to the app to see that my first Swift class was almost exactly one year ago. My last class prior to that was in November of 2016 at another gym. Why the 3-year gap? Lots of life changes meant I could use the familiar and convenient excuse: “I didn’t have the time.” During that hiatus, I hit a weight of 250 lbs., not the kind of PR to cheer about. After my annual physical, other all-time highs for me included blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. I knew I had to get back on track and change before prescriptions became a necessity. I saw one of the “looking for recommendations” posts on Facebook calling out TNT and figured I might as well give the place I’d been driving by every day for the past 10 years a shot. I’ve done many group classes in the past including boxing gyms, kickboxing gyms, boot camps, and ninja gyms, but I was new to CrossFit. I quickly learned the difference. It’s not so much about the workout, but the community that comes along with it. The coaching team has been amazing, helping me push my limits and improve my form. I really appreciate that they are not just there to tell us what to do, they participate in the workouts on a regular basis. The other athletes make this place special. The amount of support the group shows for one another is incredible, celebrating our wins, and making sure that workouts are not over until everyone is finished. Those are things that make me want to come back frequently and consistently, even if the WOD has thrusters or burpees. A year in…I’m 35 lbs. lighter and those other numbers are back at healthy levels. I’m stronger than ever and my goal is to keep making each workout better than the last!