Athlete Of The Month - Steven Trikenskas


First and foremost, I'm greatful to be named Athlete of the Month. When Oscar let me know I was selected, I was a definite surprise. Mentally I joked, "I must have finally wore everyone down."

The according to the shreaded WOD book I still bring to class, I started at TNT back in April of 2013. I had recently completed a Physical Fitness Test for work and while passing, I was not 100% happy with my results. It was time to find something to fix that. Working out "at the gym" wasn't really cutting it. For years, I passed by TNT but didn't look that close into. At the time my knowledge of Crossfit was, "It's crazy, they flip tires and stuff." Curiosity got the best of me and I stopped in on day. A few weeks later, signed up for Foundations. There I learned Crossfit is so much more than "flipping tires" (but it still can be crazy...) Over the years Crossfit has provided me the overall fitness In was looking for and every class is a challenge. I never thought I would voluntarily wake up at 6am to workout (or even do some of the things we do that early.)

I guess persistance pays off. Thanks to Rochelle, Oscar and all the coaches you are and have been great and super knowledgeable. Also, a big thanks to those at TNT I've had class with for the motivation to keep up in both individual classes and Crossfit as a whole.