Athlete of the Month - Sydney Latham


I’m so honored to have been chosen for athlete of the month at CrossFit TNT.

A friend first brought me to a class at another box in 2017. I was immediately addicted and couldn’t wait for the next class. I periodically attended group classes there for about a year.

I found my home box at CrossFit TNT. As soon as I started group classes, I loved it. The community is amazing and the workouts are awesome. I love the motivation from the coaches and my fellow athletes.

The main reason I started CrossFit was to lose weight, build muscle and to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s my dream to eventually compete at the CrossFit Games. I’ve changed my daily habits by eating better, getting more rest and improving my overall fitness goals. Without the help of my dad, I would have never been where I am today. I am so grateful for the coaches and the community. Every day I look forward to a new WOD. As surprising as it is to say, I love CrossFit and pushing myself to new limits.