Athlete Of The Month- Jackie Powell


I want to start by saying thank you and this is an honor, especially when I think of all the other athletes. I have never been healthy just always thought I am not too out of shape. I played sports, joined gyms, took classes etc.... I did not eat too badly, and did go on lots of diets. I have gained and lost the same 20-25 pounds for about the last 20-25 years. I was not an enjoy the journey person. I am an end goal person.

So, when I hit the weight that was too high I exercised more and diet. Never enjoyed it but that was ok because once I hit the weight I wanted, I could stop all of this stuff. End goal achieved yea. When I stopped into Cross Fit TNT it was to add weight lifting to help prevent osteoporosis, and didn't really expect anything more.

I still have a lot of hard work to go but I feel healthy and strong. My first interaction with Rochelle started me on a positive change, then I meet the coaches and all of the other athletes. What a group of people! So, encouraging and the whole mind set of TNT. Just enjoy today, do you best today, push yourself today. I now understand the enjoy the journey mind set. I did PT with Bre and it was a really great experience to work individually. She also helped with a really healthy eating menu.

I do enjoy the workouts and eating healthy now. All of the coaches and athletes make TNT an awesome community. One of the greatest interactions with the coaches, is they all have a way of looking you in the eye, smiling, and saying you can do it.