CrossFit TNT's Corporate Fitness Program


We at CrossFit TNT are launching a new corporate wellness program. We’ve been helping people lose weight and feel great since 2009. We want to collaborate with you and provide a fitness option that suits your employees and company. Our staff of full-time fitness professionals who love to help people get healthier can help your company thrive.
We get that working out can be hard and seem daunting. Our job is to make working out safe, fun, and effective. We will take your team through workouts that are fun, engaging, and modifies the difficulty level to suit your needs. The level of individualization we can apply to a group is what makes TNT different. We have 4 separate options that you can choose to incorporate based on your needs and goals. Our goal is to get people healthier and enjoy their fitness program. This will lead to a happier staff, more productive work days, and better team cohesion.

  1. Health lecture - 1h free presentation with our head coach

  2. Team building event - 4h session filled with fitness and challenges suitable for all levels

  3. 21-day fitness challenge - Two teams going head to head earning points by living a healthy life

  4. On-site group training - We take our professionals to you and guide you through energizing and fun workouts

Health Lecture
Our 1st option is a fitness and health lecture. Our head coach Oscar Isacsson will come to your work for free and give a 30-60min lecture filled with practical fitness tips. He holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science, a master’s degree in human performance, and is one of few L3 coaches in the state.

  • Nutrition

    • Effective fat loss strategies

    • Most common mistakes

  • Lifestyle strategies for better health

  • Fitness

    • Where to start, what’s important, and goal of working out

Cost for the employer:

  • FREE

Team Building Event
This will be like no other team building event you have done before. Going bowling and attending an escape room are all great events, however, this will make your team work together AND learn about fitness. Our instructors are very well versed in working with new beginners. No previous workout experience is needed for this event. This is a 4h team building event where we split your group into teams. Friendly competition within our gym will make a fun, stimulating, and team-oriented day. We will warm everyone up, play some interactive fitness games, do stretching/mobility, do a brief fitness lecture to allow for a little break, and a group workout. TNT will provide snacks and beverages for all participants.

  • Build a more cohesive team and have fun doing it

  • Great for camaraderie and fitness at the same time.

  • Friendly competition between 2 teams that will all leave as better co-workers

  • ½ day team building event

    • 4h at TNT (snacks provided, manageable for all fitness levels)

  • Warm-up games, stretching/mobility, tech practice of exercises, brief conditioning, break combined with 30min health lecture (TNT provides beverages and snacks), bigger team effort to wrap up the day

Cost for the employer:

  • $80 per person for a group that’s 6-12 people (1 coach)

  • 65$ per person for 13-24 people (2 coaches)

21-day Fitness Challenge
Challenges are great ways to get everyone a little extra motivated. We will run this challenge for you and do everything from pre-tests and measurements, food education, create a points system to improve lifestyle and take the participants through workouts each week. This set-up will provide great results because it allows us to cover all the important aspects of fitness which is nutrition and similar lifestyle factors.

  • Inspire teammates to reach their health goal

  • Friendly competition for bragging rights

  • Baseline fitness testing at the gym (workout, measurements, lecture explaining the rules)

    • 2x1h workouts per week at TNT for all participants

    • Daily logging of points (vegetable intake, sleep, etc)

    • 21-day challenge

  • Group points added together along with the progress

  • $99 per person for a team of 6-12 people (1 coach)

  • $109 per person for a team of 13-24 (2 coaches)

On-Site Group Training
We will come to your facility and take your group through a 1h training session. We will do a warm-up, practice technique of the movements we will do, and then finish with a fun workout that anyone can participate in. This is a great way for you to get a sample of what our coaches and training can do for your team. This will be a fun break in the day where everyone will learn something valuable about fitness. This is great for you that have the space for a working out or possibly an existing fitness facility.

Cost for the employer:

  • FREE