December Fitness Bingo


The November challenge was such a hit that we are doing another challenge for December.

Let’s play some fitness bingo!

If you complete all tasks before Jan 1st 2022 you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 rogue gift card.

Give December a strong fitness push and then if you are lucky start the new year with some cool swag or equipment from Rogue fitness.

You are highly encouraged to share your bingo progress on social media. Screenshot the bingo sheet and mark things off as you crush this challenge. If you aren’t on instagram or facebook you can save the picture and print it out from our monthly newsletter.

Clarifications about the bingo items:

  1. Leave a review on google
    - If you have already done this please leave one on FB
    - If you have already done this please mark this as done and thank you

  2. 10 000+ steps in 5 consecutive days
    - Use your phone, fitbit, or watch to keep track. If you don’t have any of these, walk 5 miles throughout the day.

  3. Set a new personal record
    - Lift the heaviest weight you've done, perform more reps of a bodyweight movement, move up in weight on a wall ball workout, get your first double under, knock out a distance on the row/bike/ski the fastest you ever have, and etc.

  4. Message a fellow gym friend that you think is doing a great job and let them know
    - Text, email, facetime, mail, in person, and etc.

  5. Accumulate 800 extra calories before/after class during the month
    - Warm-ups and cool downs assigned by coaches do not count. Don’t keep the coach at the gym after hours.

  6. Try a new healthy recipe and share
    - Let us know how it turned out. Use the community page for sharing. If you are not on the page, tell a coach or fellow classmate about it.

  7. Attend a class you’ve never taken before
    - Maybe it’s a weekend class, early week day class, or late evening class that you haven’t attended before. Jump in, meet some new people/coach and have fun.
    - If you’ve participated in every single class please attend the one you’ve frequented the least

  8. Set a personal fitness goal for 2022 and write it down
    - You don’t have to share this but it would be fun to see. Writing something down makes it more likely to attain.

  9. Take 12 classes
    - PT, CF, Swift, or Plan B

  10. Listen to 10 ‘Today Not Tomorrow’ podcasts

  11. Learn 3 new names of fellow workout people

  12. Complete 100 burpees at home
    - Must be done in under 20min. Share photo, video, or Whoop evidence

We also have a bonus bingo item. If you bring a friend to a Swift class that will count as a bingo towards any of the 12 items listed above. Don’t want to do 100 burpees at home? Skip it, bring a buddy to the gym instead, and you can still win the $100 rogue gift card.

Be proud of the hard work you put in for November. Let’s ride that positive momentum into a new challenge and get yourself set up for an awesome 2022.