Fall Into Wellness Challenge - 30 Day Challenge Starting Nov 10th!


November 10th-December 10th. 30 days!

Fall time is the hardest time of the year to stick with our goals! The Fall into Wellness Challenge
is to help keep you on track but also give you room to enjoy your holidays while learning to stay
mentally strong for your goals!
In this challenge you will be.....

1. Learning to pay attention to what you eat
2. Learning to find balance in fitness
3. Learning manage your time
4. Learning how to appreciate your mind and body
5. Learning to be more confident in nutrition

This challenge comes with new rules and point system. The challenge will be individual but
open to NON-TNT members so grab a friend, a family member, or even a co-worker. You may
not be on a team but you can use each other for motivation. There will also be a facebook
group for all challengers. This will be used to ask questions, find daily posts for motivation, pop
up challenges, and post your accomplishments if you so choose. Only challengers will be in this
group, it will not be public. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO POST. Accommodations will be made to
those who do not have Facebook so you will be included in discussions.

It does not matter what level you are for fitness. This challenge is for anyone. Experienced in
the gym or just starting out. This is for you. This also does not matter the age or have a
disability. This is accessible to all.

The point system is no longer a Bingo card set up. You can choose how you want to get your
points and hold yourself accountable. There are certain categories with different points. These
will be based on the honor system. You will fill out point sheets each night and send them it to
Lyndy. There will be an option to get weight and get body fat but it is not mandatory. To get
measurements you will need to contact Lyndy to set up a time and day before Challenge

It's highly encouraged to take Before/after pics. You do not have to share but just for you to see
a difference.

Challenge Points

1. Balanced Meals- 2 points per meal (6 points total)
Each day at least THREE meals will have

3g of FAT
10g of CARB
15g of PROTEIN

Though there is not a specific diet listed, by paying attention to what you are eating can
help you learn to be more mindful of the kinds of food on your plate. You can use a
fitness pal or just a journal and write down what's in your food. Don't worry if you think
it's bad. The point is recognizing if we are way off balance with our food.
Example: After two weeks of documenting you realize you eat 200g of fat but 10g of
protein. Then you can evaluate that you need less fat and more protein and play with
adding or subtracting foods. Also, if you go over those numbers, that is okay, you get
the points as long as you are not under.. The only way to get these points is to hit all 3
for each meal.
Example: So if you only do two meals, then you only get 4 points.

2. Water intake- 2 points

Per pound you weigh, you want a half ounce of water.
Example: If you weigh 200 pounds then you would need 100 ounces of water a day.
Water is imperative to daily living. It helps recover, it helps keep the joints healthy, and it
is used in many functions of the body.
The only way to get the points is to drink the correct amount of water. If you do not
reach that number, you cannot claim the points.

3. Eat more than 3 meals- 5 points

Eat more?? YES! Many people will only eat twice a day. More food doesn't mean weight
gain. We have to make sure we are feeding our bodies so they can recover. The goal is
to try to prevent more than 4 hours between each meal. This does not have to be steak
dinners and heavy foods. This could be your main meals with snacks in between. This
can also be a shake if you use them as snacks. This is a point per meal, up to 5 meals
per day.

4. Mindset morning- 2 points

You need to give yourself 5 minutes in the morning to organize how your day will go.
Our lives become hectic, but if we take time to gather our thoughts and begin on a
positive note, make a plan for the stressful moments, we can set the tone to have a good
day no matter the circumstances.

5. Nightly Gratitude-2 points

Ending your day should be going over what you did good and what you're grateful for. If
we clear our head before bed, we get better sleep, and de-stress our bodies a little more.
Each night, you will write down on the Point Sheet answers to the questions. You can
also post in facebook group if you want to share.
What went well for the day?
Who/What are you grateful for?
How are you feeling about your performance today?

6. Subtracting foods- 2 points

Some don't even realize that their bodies do not respond well to sugar or grains. We
may always get tired at noon time or have adult acne. Then you take out dairy, and the
acne or tiredness goes away. Our bodies are finicky and we need to experiment what
works best for our body makeup. For this point, the first 2 weeks will be ZERO sugar.
Then the next 2 weeks will be ZERO grains. This is a small amount of time but pay
attention to any changes you see. You may find you feel better without one of those.
You only get the points on the days you complete.

Example of sugar:
Any kind of Dairy
Liquid sugar calories (creamer, soda, energy drinks,ect..)

Examples of Grains

7. 30 minute workout everyday- 1 point
This can be in ANY gym. Don't have a gym? No worries. Home workouts without gym
equipment will be posted daily. This can be any kind of workout.

8. 15 minute Activity OUTSIDE- 1 point
Get outside. Enjoy nature. This can be anything: running, walking, 15 min amrap,
hiking, reading a book, doing some yoga. If it's too cold or raining, suck it up buttercup
and get a coat or umbrella.

9. 10 min mobility/stretching- 1 point
Spending 10 minutes doing mobility, stretching, or yoga.
There will be some options posted in the facebook group to use for this.
10. Daily Steps
10,000 steps 1 point
15,000 steps 2 points
20,000 steps 3 points

There are 25 possible points to get each day. Some days you may get some, others you
might not. This is made so you can hold yourself accountable and be consistent with
certain categories and learn how to utilize others. This is meant to help you learn. Each
night you will fill out your point sheets. You will fill out what you completed for the day
and answer ALL. These must be done daily. This challenge is also time management
skills. If you forget, you do not get the points. It is an easy response card and will send
directly to me for review.

Each one of these categories is set up to help you learn more about your habits and
what works for your body. The total amount of activities given in this challenge is
roughly 2 hours. That is about 8% of your day. Let this challenge help you find balance.
Create new healthy habits, and create a more positive mentality towards health. Grab a
friend or two to join in with you and let's do this!
The facebook group will be a great resource to support each other. Click the link to join
the group.

It can be used to ask questions, brag, post updated pics, post recipes, and post because
you need some extra motivation that day. If you are a TNT member, this will be different
from our regular group. This is so things don't get lost in transition. The group will only
be up for 30 days.

There will be prizes, and also a Pop up challenge for prizes as well will occur, there will
be a raffle to get FREE Nutrition Counseling worth $250.00 for anyone entering. Along

with the raffle, anyone who enters Challenge will also get $10.00 discount off for 30 days
of Nutrition/fitness programming package with Lyndy. More pop up prizes to come!

Click here to sign up!