From My Beginning To Yours - #75


Almost 30 weeks have come and gone. We will be meeting our sweet baby girl before we know it! With just 10 short weeks of pregnancy and Baby and Me WOD's left, it's an understatement to say I'm in nesting mode. Always trying to squeeze so much into every day.

I've been struggling past my lack of energy to get as many workouts in as I can, knowing that when our sweet girl arrives it will be several weeks before I'm able to workout. I've been thinking more about meal prepping for when baby is born. It's important to me to set myself up for a successful jump start once we are all home, starting our new journey as a family of 5!

It's time to prep freezer meals I can throw in the crock pot and plan what fresh foods I'll need in advance. The time to make the menus is now! I may even cave and get an Instapot. I don't plan to go extreme Whole 30 but start with a clean eating reset and get my nutrition in line as I'm home recovering. I'm sure that will include seeking out knowledge and guidance from Coach Rochelle and Coach Oscar as all things CrossFit and nutrition do! What better way to prepare my body to hit the gym hard and get back in gear once released by my doctor. I am looking forward to pushing hard in my cardiovascular work and getting my hands on my bar with no restrictions! ALL the squats! It will be amazing!

Three years ago this week, I walked into CrossFit TNT for the very first time. I sat through a nutrition seminar, got on the scale (which was awful) and had my measurements taken. In the time since, CrossFit has become a part of my daily life. I'm forever thankful that Rochelle and I met by divine intervention one day at our kids gymnastics class. That one moment set into motion such a change in my life!

Because of all I have learned and accomplished over the last 3 years, I feel confident and prepared to send the 15 pounds I have gained this pregnancy on its way once baby girl is here. I know that with CrossFit TNT I'm equipped with the support, network and experts I need to be successful. Most importantly, I'm equipped with motivation and dedication!

I'm so glad to be sharing this time with you all. Hoping you can find inspiration through it all. Come check us out at TNT! There is programming available for everyone no matter your age and restrictions!