From My Beginning To Yours - #76


Here I am at 32 weeks pregnant. My feet are starting to swell, the veins in my legs look like I lost a fight and my physical disposition doesn't reflect the overall glow of pregnancy so many expect to see. I feel huge, tired and nauseous. I'm thankful the urge to nest came as early as it did because Lord knows it's easier to rearrange whole rooms of the house when you can still see your feet. But...most of all, I'm SO very excited to meet our new baby girl!! As this is our 3rd baby, I know all too well the second I hold our baby in my arms the feelings of discomfort, constant indigestion, occasional vomiting and swelling will all be forgotten. At the end of this uncomfortable road is the most amazing thing...a whole new human being, our baby girl! Nothing could be better.

While so many things about this experience remain the same as my last 2 pregnancies one thing is drastically different. I have maintained a fitness routine. It changes every week. I scale things a little more, sub out another movement for one I can still effectively do or lift less than I know I otherwise could to be safe for baby. As I continue to scale the workout, I am thankful for what I can do and that I've maintained the dedication to do it. Last week I was able to get in workouts on Mon, Wed, and Fri. This week, with a crazy schedule, I was able to make it in twice. Coach Oscar's programming has kept us on our toes. That programming and our coaches ever ready ability to tailor the workout to fit our physical restrictions makes it easy to feel comfortable and confident both in the gym and completing the lifts, rowing, biking, etc.

I'm also enjoying continuing to gear up for post-delivery menus and meal prepping.

For now, that's all. I'm happy to be sharing this part of my story through my blog. I'm hopeful that inspiration can be found and through reading you will see TNT has something for everyone whether you have no restrictions or many. Come check us out!