From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #58


15-minute amrap. As. Many. Rounds. As. possible. 200 meter run, 10 hanging squat cleans, and in my case as I was scaling, 7 dips on the rings. It's Friday, I am exhausted. In addition to the ins and outs of daily life, this is my fourth day in a row at 5 am. I started this week off with hamstrings sore beyond belief and fatigued after a heavy WOD on Saturday. Each day has been its own push. Heavy back squats, last reps at 273 lbs. Running, MORE running, 800-meter farmers carry at 60 lbs is a bit of what this week has looked like. I've done new things such as forward rolls without assistance OR freaking out that I would fall on my face...ha!

For every person there are those things that we think to ourselves- I can't do that, I won't ever be able to do that, and in my case, my body is not supposed to go over my head! Forward rolls or any gymnastics related movements, usually, I'm just going to say "Nope!" and ask for the scaled version of the scaled option; but, this week with some encouragement I was able to get my first forward rolls!

This morning, I was out of coffee at our home. Anyone who spends any time around me at all knows that coffee is my vice! It would have been very easy for me to stay in bed this morning, thinking to myself how tired I was from the strenuous work of the week. I made a better choice. I grabbed the leftover K-Cups from our trip to The CF Games, coconut milk creamer, my coffee cup and hit the road! I made it to TNT with just enough time to warm up the Keurig and get that first cup. Ready to start my WOD and day off right!

So much of our daily lives, especially as parents, is out of our control; but, we can choose for ourselves to take 4% of the day and give it to our health.

So while there were lots of reasons to stay in bed this morning, I knew when I was finishing my last 200-meter run and looked up at the sun rising over TNT I had made the right choice. What will you do for your health today? Make time for you. You deserve it!