From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #59


Even if we can only tell by the changing color of the leaves and the date on the calendar, fall is here. As the heat remains, the season brings a change in the foods we want, the recipes we cook and even the drinks in our cups! Pumpkin spice, salted caramel everything?! Yes, please! So, while my kids are anxiously awaiting the trip to the apple orchard I'm contemplating new and fun ways we can bake our apples without using every kind of sugar and a good ole' fashioned pie crust. I'm also looking for ways to enjoy my favorite flavored coffees without exceeding my daily calorie allotment! Ha!

In recent weeks we have grilled chicken and pork, made several roasts in the crockpot and even conceded it might be time to buy an Instapot! We've worked on adding more vegetables whenever possible. Sneaking them in when we can!

While it's not always easy to make the right choices each one adds up and continues to make a difference in my gym performance and overall how I feel each day!

It's exciting to see the improvements in my double unders, wall climbs, forward rolls, etc. Each day bringing something new and each workout giving us moments where we feel both love and "strong dislike" for what we are doing. Whats great? The end result is always the same... "Man, I'm glad I did that! That sucked AND was totally awesome!"

It's so inspiring to see others around me meeting their goals! Completing a crazy heavy RX workout, accomplishing first handstands, setting new personal records for the 400-meter run. So many athletes working hard and supporting each other along the way!

Come check us out! There is an option for everyone and accountability waiting for you at TNT!