From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #61


I've decided it's time to get excited about those things that challenge me! The first time you get that one move that previously felt unreachable is always exciting, but what about the little steps along the way?

In an effort to push through my mental and physical roadblocks, Coach Rochelle and I are tackling double unders, pull-ups and rope climbs in one-on-ones. We are just getting started!

This week, tripping over the jump rope, getting 5 double unders, not being able to get 1. The struggle is real. Fighting through the challenge is the only way to get better. I was all over the place in form and technique, but as I listened and worked, we saw improvement!

I let myself be comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of rope climb work and was able to decrease my resistance bands for pull-ups from 1 green and 1 blue to a single green and single orange. Although it's not yet an unsupported pull-up, it is light years away from the 2 black bands I started with in May of 2015.

Last month, I got my 1st forward rolls. It took all month to for me to do them without the gymnastics mat underneath me. I let my fear hold me back. Once I got it, it felt great! I'm ready for more moments like that!

What are your goals? What are the things you can start from zero at and reach for improvement on? I'm thinking about mine and pushing forward. Join me!