From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #62


Monday: Pull up focused; one on one with Coach Rochelle. Tuesday: group class; cleans, box jumps and push-ups. Wednesday: BACK SQUATS, all the back squats. Wednesday night: someone help, everything hurts but I'm not dying. (I can practically hear our Coaches telling me "stretch, stretch, stretch") I can't move to stretch. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, (slight), but you get my point. I. WAS. SPENT. This is a perfect example of a moment where I needed to listen to my body. We all have them, if you're stubborn like me you may not always be willing to listen. In this case, I did. I rolled over, turned off my alarm and by an act of God slept ten and a half hours that night!

While sleep had me questioning if I, in fact, woke as a whole new person, I quickly remembered the day waits for no one. Busy and bustling as usual, Thursday took its turn. Friday: 4 AM, the alarm goes off. Que the internal debate, should I go later? Do I need another rest day? My bed is so cozy. The alarm goes off again, I hit snooze... I mean, they say sleep can be just as important as your exercise. People, who get more sleep lose weight faster, feel less cranky, need less coffee? This goes on for 2 more cycles. It's 4:20, if I don't leave in 10 minutes I will miss my workout, I know I won't go later. I get up. Coffee in hand, I'm out the door in 10 minutes.

While every week is not like this and every morning does not require a 20-minute pep talk with myself I feel it's important to acknowledge that we are all human and while some days and weeks feel easier than others the drive to push through the tough weeks helps us grow. In the end, had I not gone I would have regretted it. As it is, I'm glad I went and pushed through the 10 rounds of sit-ups, dumbbell snatches, and single unders. It wasn't a PR kind of day but a victory none the less because it's one more day I chose to make time for fitness.

As we enter November, the month of Thanksgiving, our schedules become crazy. The idea of starting a new exercise routine may seem silly. Why do that now when you can wait and make it a New Year's resolution? My question to you is, why wait? I spent whole years saying I'll start next month. Now, looking back, I can't believe I waited. Come check us out at CrossFit TNT! Get out and get moving! It's amazing how your body feels when you give it mobility, strength and the right fuel to keep going. Don't wait for 2018, set your alarm now!