From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #65


Feeling motivated to workout December 26th-31st requires Unicorn like commitment. It's SO cold! For many of us, our families are visiting, our kids are on break or we are on vacation from work. The warm comfortability of our homes and low key days can suck us in and hold us, hostage, if we let them.

The Holiday and Christmas build-up has passed and we are left feeling the need to rest, relax, and in some cases just recover from all the work of December.

In my case, comfort food, a heated blanket, and cuddles with my kiddos sound perfect, but that can't be all I do. My kids wouldn't stand for it. Ha! Knowing life keeps moving even when we want to hit pause and that the Christmas calories won't burn themselves, I needed to get moving!

Even with Christmas, I was able to make time for my health and WOD Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. After days off, I was almost instantly sore. There were things in the workouts that I had to scale. As a result of the scaling, I chose to make some of the more easily done aspects of the workouts more challenging. Things like deficit banded pullups instead of regular assisted pull-ups and completing three reps instead of one a set when lifting at a lower weight. I worked to push myself for results based on my current abilities.

For me, the need to scale things won't diminish soon as our family is growing! I'm so excited to share I'm expecting and am due in July! I'm confident that listening to my Doctor, body, and Coaches will make for a smooth pregnancy while maintaining my fitness as best I can.

I'm looking forward to sharing this new transition with all of you. I'm hoping to inspire in new ways and show yet again how CrossFit is for everyone!

Come join us!