From My Beginning To Yours - Blog 71

temp-post-imageOpen workout 18.3 was announced tonight. I'm sitting here thinking about the 14 minute time cap and how thankful I am for the ticking clock. I'm thinking about how tired I feel, how even if this workout was presented to me pre-pregnancy I wouldn't be approaching all the jump rope work RX, not even the first 100. 5, maybe 6 is my previous max set of double unders. I'll have to sub out the overhead squats and scale as baby and I need. I'm sore from benchmark workout Isabel on Tuesday, Wednesday's 60 deadlifts and more. I'm thinking all this and then I realize, my current attitude, it kind of sucks.

I may be feeling tired but the past two days, really the past 2 week's workouts felt great! Sure, I have scaled when needed and there will be a lot of scaling for me during workout 18.3 but at almost 21 weeks pregnant...I'm so thankful for my ability to just keep moving, have the support of my coaches and the strength to safely do my best along side all of our strong and inspiring athlete's at TNT.

I've mentioned in the last few blogs my thanks to the coaches for helping me to have the best workout possible as baby grows. Subbing out squats for other lifts and altering movements when necessary for my current mobility. This week, Coach Rochelle reminded me to track these lifts so I'm sure to maintain a well rounded lifting rotation. This week, though I missed the six sets of three back squats at 75% I was able able to do six sets of three split jerks at about 72%. They felt great and I was sore the next day. Even better!

There is always much to be said for the busyness we all feel day to day, how quick we can all be to use it as an easy out. How just being tired is "excuse" enough to go tomorrow but how many times has that mindset won for you? Don't let it! The only workout you'll ever regret is the one you didn't do! Do it for you and do it for your loved ones. Choose today, not tomorrow. Choose to be thankful for the endorphin rush and energy that comes from eating right and working out regularly. Rest is so important but so is getting up and moving every day! Choose gratefulness you have the ability to push yourself instead of cheating yourself by accepting your own excuses.

We all need to get out of our own head sometimes, much like I did tonight. It's easier to do that when you have a great fitness family keeping you accountable. There are so many options and it's easy to get started at CrossFit TNT! Come check us out!