From My Beginning To Yours - Blog 72


It's Natural, as a CrossFit athlete or member of any gym with programming, to sometimes dread the day's workout. There are things we like to do better than others, lifts that leave us feeling invincible and others that leave us feeling weak. Cardio over gymnastics, lifting over cardio, the list goes on! The way we grow is through attending our class no matter what's on the dockett that day, walking in with a positive attitude, telling ourselves "When I leave here I will be better than I was", listening to effective coaching and giving our best effort!

As my doctor has restricted me from weighted squats during pregnancy I've been missing lifting days that feel like Christmas morning, aka, all the squats! Baby and Me WODS are teaching me to grow as an Athlete. Finding a new rhythm that fits me and baby lends it's own sense of accomplishment. Knowing that at almost 23 weeks pregnant I'm still setting that alarm for 4 a.m. and maintaining my health as a priority by keeping routine as best I can and minimizing pregnancy weight gain. On squat days, I'm doing other lifts but still giving my all. For my ability to do that, I am thankful! This week I was able to work up to a 143# Push Press and a heavy Clean complex. During CrossFit Open workout 18.4 I used 45# plates to elevate my bar for Deadlifts, maintaining my ability to execute the lift while leaving room for my growing baby bump. I did Push Ups from the rig.

It's exciting! Instead of adopting the "I can't" attitude, I'm remaining positive and feeling excited about all the things I can do! I'm so thankful for our great Coaches and excited that at TNT we now have our very own BirthFit Coach. I'm looking forward to having Coach Joselyn for a resource both now and postnatal!

These past two weeks I've felt really great both in and outside of the gym. I'm looking forward to finishing up the CrossFit Open tonight with 18.5 and checking in with you all in two weeks!

Find time today to get moving! You deserve it!