From My Beginning To Yours - Blog 72

temp-post-imageIt's springtime in St. Louis. The grass is turning green and the buds on the trees are...wait, it's springtime in St. Louis and the Easter snow melted in time for a balmy 60 degree day. Now we wait as this weekends snow potentially hits! How is this affecting you? I can't decide if I want to start a fire and bundle up or put on shorts and fake it till we finally make it to warmer days. To top it off, I firmly believe the ups and downs of the weather affects our sleep schedules. The covers are warm, our bodies are tired, not so fun for us early risers, or anyone really!

Here I am trying to maintain a workout schedule as pregnancy insomnia has hit. Not being able to sleep half the night with not being able to get up in the morning means I'm battling with myself daily to maintain two to three 5a.m. workouts a week. Combine the weather with this insomnia and were it not for my dedication and friends who keep me accountable I'd be a mess! Well, more than I am already. Ha!

I knocked out solid work in the gym 2 days last week and while I was slow to start made it 3 days back to back this week. As we kicked off April and completed Benchmark Workout, DT, I was pleased to finish the workout in 13:08 at 83 pounds. When comparing this to last year's heavy Rx DT at 113 pounds and 2016's DT at 83 pounds I could choose to be disappointed in not going with the heavier weight this year. Instead, I'm thrilled that at almost 25 weeks, baby and I knocked out scaled DT almost 2 minutes faster than I did in 2016!

As baby is growing and moving I'm continuing to sub out certain movements and scale lifts when needed. I'm loving this time of Baby and Me WOD's and experiencing pregnancy in a different way than with my daughter and son before. Maintaining regular exercise doesn't mean I won't have to fight to get back to my pre-pregnancy abilities once baby is here, but for now, as my blood pressure stays in a good place and I continue to feel great, I know my lifestyle choices have so much to do with that and I'm grateful!

I'm looking forward to the free prenatal and postpartum fitness workshop on April 15th at 2:30p.m. Coach Joselyn is so passionate about this and I know it will be a great opportunity to learn!

Thanks for following this time with me! What are you doing to get moving? Come check out all our options at CrossFit TNT!