From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #78

temp-post-image Listening to our bodies tell us what's best is a simple concept that should be easy to follow. So often though, we don't listen. We push when we shouldn't or not at all when we have so much left to give. In an environment like CrossFit TNT we have the wisdom of our Coaching Team to guide us when we are in doubt. They redirect us to scaled and alternate movements when as individuals we may be working to recover from injury, facing a day that needs more active recovery than intense training or in my case, are 8 months pregnant! Taking the time to listen to our bodies and our coaches keeps us productive and moving safely.

Last week, baby and I were only able to work out 1 day. On Tuesday, in addition to the days cardio, I completed 5 sets of 9 Deadlifts, 40 Hang Power Cleans and 40 Push Jerks. It felt great...moderate weights and the burn of a good cardio workout! It wasn't long before I could feel it-the soreness that comes from a good push. In my case though, I was totally wiped out! While I gave my best on Tuesday, I literally failed to get up with my alarm the whole rest of the week. Baby said sleep, and as we've heard Coach Oscar and others tell us often, sleep and good nutrition are just as important to our overall success as our fitness routine. SO, I slept.

I would have liked to workout more last week but, I am just so happy that baby and I are healthy and able to push when energy allows and respect the need to rest when necessary.

This week was awesome! Monday and Thursday were packed with cardio, wall balls, step ups, dumbbell work and more. So much was scaled and that is A-OK with me! Baby girl and I are at the cusp of 36 weeks and we just keep moving along, pushing when we can, resting when we need and trusting in our coaches and doctor to guide us along the way.

I CAN'T believe meeting our sweet girl is just around the corner! Whatever life's excitement or stressors are for you right now one thing we can all choose is to make maintaining and improving our health a priority. Come check out one of our programs at TNT! There is something for you too!