From My beginning To Yours - Blog #79



Wrapping up my daughter's and my #babyandmewods with sled pulls and farmer carries was a great last test of mental and physical endurance before labor, delivery and recovery. I guess I can say that I tapped out near the end of 36 weeks pregnant. I am willing to admit, I didn't think that day would come...believing I would feel capable of a solid workout up until delivery seemingly overnight transformed into certainty I cannot.

It's now that I point out to anyone reading that a great thing has happened. Life has been created and my fitness routine has been maintained! In regards to working out while pregnant, what a different experience this pregnancy has been from my other two.

I, along with my family, am over the moon excited to meet our sweet girl! Who will she look most like, what color will her eyes be, how much will she weigh, will she love to be swaddled or break free? I can't wait to see her little hands and feet, hold her tight and look at her while she looks at me...

I know all too well how fast the 1st weeks fly by. I'm going to soak up every minute! After the next 6 to 8 weeks I'll be back at CrossFit TNT ready to lift all the things!! It will be new again and I don't know what to expect from my body. I do know this, while it will be a whole new kind of beginning at the gym, all of the training hours I've put in over the last three years have brought me to this point and will carry me through the starting line again.

I can't wait to share our baby girl's arrival and come back ready to rock out some weight loss and PRs. How great to have the direction of TNT's amazing coaches and support of my friends and peers at CrossFit when I return!