From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #24


1 year ago today I nervously walked through the doors of CrossFit TNT for the 1st time. I arrived knowing only coach, and owner, Rochelle Thayer, and having no idea what to expect. My first visit to TNT was not for a class; but, simply for a food seminar. An opportunity to learn about Paleo nutrition. When I got on the scale, and had measurements taken at the end of that meeting, I signed on the dotted line, so to speak, and joined the family at TNT. Man, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

In the past year I have lost weight, built muscle and gained strength. I have discovered a love of lifting weights and found that sometimes it’s not about what the scale says but the changes in our bodies through things like inches and energy that represent the greatest results of the efforts put in. Even while I know these things to be true, I also know how easy bad nutritional habits can be. I know how hard it is to change those habits and I have learned that sometimes my nutritional efforts leave much to be desired. I want to make nutritional changes that stick not just fitness changes. How do I do that? How can I make this stick?

That answer is simple and hard all at once. I have to keep trying. I don’t have a magic metabolism, I was a cheerleader who never did a cartwheel, and a lifeguard who could never dive. We are each made up of so many strengths and weaknesses. The love I have for CrossFit is securely in place as a strength that has grown over this past year and will surely continue to grow. The love I have for food and incorporating that into everyday life has grown over the last 29 years. So…there is a bit of a time gap there. :)

In the coming weeks, as we embark on this new Lurong Fitness and Nutrition challenge, I want to adapt a fresh outlook on my approach to these challenges. I want to dedicate myself to logging what I’m eating, and work on creating a successful balance for me. My goal, is for this challenge to result in the changing of a norm, not, an opportunity for yoyo dieting. I’m constantly saying “find what works for you and do it”! I’ve reached the point where I’ve realized I need to step back and really apply that to the nutritional aspect of what I’m doing…not just fitness.

I want to take a moment to truly thank the coaches of TNT for all their hard work and dedication to each individual’s success. Oscar and Rochelle, thank you for your incomparable programming, and “gifting” us with primary focus months for things like squats and 1 rep max’s. I am so thankful for you both! The silent pushes, all the times Rochelle has told me to squat lower and Oscar said I could probably add some weight on the lifts have made such an impact. Thank you!

I’m hoping that the openness of this past year’s journey has been helpful to many. In reflecting, I know I will be happy if it has been helpful to even 1. The hardest step to taking control of your health and fitness is the 1st and its 1 I took 365 days ago. What will this next year bring? In my plans are continued weight loss, strength building and more. I’m looking forward to working some videos in with the blogs and continuing to share this journey with all of you. Thank you for taking the time to read and for the support I’ve felt so far along the way. I truly hope my words offer encouragement and inspiration.