From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #42


As I got into my car to go home after Friday mornings WOD, I just kept thinking..that. was. awful! 25 minutes, as many rounds as possible of 25 thrusters, 25 burpees and 25 sumo deadlift highpulls at 33 lbs...

There have been days in the past when we've all joked about skipping the workout and getting breakfast. This morning would have been the day to do it.

There may have even been a group discussion about what was open before we accepted our fate and got to work. The sweat instantly began to pour off our faces. For me, so fast, I wasn't sure if it was sweat or tears or both. Ha! The clock was steady but slow and as we took our time, counting, 1 more rep, 1 more rep, 1 more rep we eventually made it to the end of those 25 minutes. Everyone did great and no one passed out! Win!

They say you'll never regret a workout, you'll only regret the one you didn't do. In my opinion it's true. Our programming at CrossFit TNT is nothing short of challenging. Pushing us at every turn to be better than the day before. Be the best we can be! 

 It's getting to that point in January where the shine is wearing off those new gym memberships and resolutions for the new year. I'm tired too but let's all fight together. Let's keep working to get better, stronger and more healthy. One choice, one day at a time!