From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #50


With 4 days completed of the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge I'm feeling skeptically positive about the outcome of these next 4 1/2 weeks. Skeptical because I've said these words before but positive because I feel committed to this and have already felt so extremely the withdrawal of sugars and the change in my diet. In the case of this challenge, my husband has joined me in following the nutritional guidelines. The best part about this is he is much better at food prep than I am. :)

My goals for this challenge are to keep a daily food log, get back in the routine of drinking more water throughout the day, lose 10 pounds and overall clean up my eating. In turn, I'm hopeful that losing additional weight will increase my efficiency in body weight movements during workouts as well as improve my performance in the gym overall.

I've attached photos of what day 1, 2, and 3 looked like for me. The food has been basic and easy thus far. Sweet potatoes, chicken, salads, lots of eggs. There are recipes for chili, pizza casserole and others I'm looking forward to trying as the weeks progress.

This week at CrossFit TNT we had the ability to find our 1 rep max back squat, squat clean and strict press. While the strict press is one of my 2 weakest lifts, I was happy to get to 86.5 pounds, 280 pound back squat and 158 pound squat clean. I've been able to focus on things like improving my running times, double unders as well as have some fun using the yokes and tires.

The warm weather is in full swing and what better day than today to get out and find what works for you! Come check out our fat burning, boot camp style, Swift classes or the Crossfit classes. Your 1st one is always free. I'm so excited about this summer and everything that is to come!

Come join us!