From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #54


Over the last two weeks I have focused more on dialing in my nutrition. Keeping a log of what I'm eating and how much, continuing to make a conscious effort to drink water consistently throughout the day instead heavily after a workout and during meals, and getting my protein in immediately after every workout as opposed to up to an hour later.

I have made it a priority to prepare myself the night before for the workout in the morning. After 1+ year of working out 4 times a week I am working on getting 5 workouts in a week.

At every stage of Fitness, a person reaches a point of plateau, a place where we feel stagnant. After reaching that point a few weeks back I talked with Coach Rochelle about what to do to jump start my weight-loss again as well as increase my progress in the gym.

Currently my focus is the above listed items as well as scheduling some one on one nutrition consultations with Coach Rochelle. I'm already feeling more confident in my current and future progress from the last two weeks of logging my food and serving sizes. I am optimistic about what Rochelle and I will accomplish together.

At TNT, I've been feeling great from the push the WOD's are giving me. I also feel relief after forcing myself to stop comparing and pushing myself to do what others are. In reality, I think that was pushing me to feel a sense of burnout.

I'm making "listening to my body" a priority and in turn I feel productive and happier about my progress. I feel confident I'm pushing myself and the only one I'm racing against is me.

I'm looking forward to challenging swim WOD's and soaking up what the summer season offers us at TNT. Besides the unbearable heat ;)

Come check us out! TNT is open 7 days a week and your first class is always free!