From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #56


Last Thursday my friends Julie and Katie piled in the car with me and our very overpacked suitcases. We drove all the way to Madison, Wisconsin. Equipped with too much clothing, a little bit o’ vodka and a whole lot of anxious anticipation, we arrived at the 2017 CrossFit Games!

We spent hours watching athletes compete. Awestruck as individuals as young as 14 and as mature as 60+ years old lifted weights beyond what I can currently imagine. With agility, speed and strength as well as the mental and physical capacity to push beyond their barriers; we were in the presence of the Fittest on Earth and more!

As we enjoyed the Games, Vendor Pavilion and time with other members of our TNT family, I felt inspired and excited to return home. I felt a renewed determination to get my hands on my bar and push myself harder than before!

We listened as families cheered for their Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters and Spouses. We were left with chills!

After returning home, the week’s programming at CrossFit TNT has pushed me. WOD’s have included things like a 400 meter walk with a 93 pound barbell overhead, 2 mile run and 2k meter row and 45 pound dumbbell walking lunges. What a week!

I’m continuing to log my nutrition and utilizing the Real Plans app to further my ease when planning family meals. I’m looking forward to continuing my one on one’s with Coach Rochelle as the accountability and planning is proving to increase my success rate.

If you haven’t already, check us out! CrossFit TNT has so much to offer and your first visit is always free! Thank you all for continuing this journey with me!