From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #63


After a month of prep work, the time is here for the athletes of CrossFit TNT to participate in the annual 30 minute row. Some are new athletes and some are working to beat their times from last year. Monday is the day! I'm excited to see what my distance will look like in comparison to last year! Wishing good luck to everyone!

Thanksgiving week went by quickly with many athletes making it to the gym for their pre-thanksgiving meal workouts. My workouts for the week were on Tuesday and Wednesday. Leaving the rest of the week's success to things like good food choices and taking extra laps around the neighborhood.

This week felt great! We pushed through the cold early Monday Morning, getting our heart rates up; jumping rope, pushing sleds and doing kettlebell swings. On other days we completed things like 1000 meter rows, pull ups and squats.

On front squat day, we got to work on some squat therapy through seven sets of three squats. Holding the 1st squat for 10 seconds and at 50-55% of our 1 rep max for the lift. It felt great to take the time to focus on form and depth while maintaining the ability to get right back up and knock out the last 2 repetitions each set.

As you are maneuvering the hustle and bustle that these last 4 weeks of each year bring I ask you to take time each day to dedicate to your health. An hour may not fit your schedule but would you be willing to give up a half hour 2 or 3 days a week, 5 days a week, to start moving your body? One day at a time is all it takes to create a meaningful routine.

There are so many exiting things coming at CrossFit TNT! Among the excitement of the looming new year, Coach Oscar and others are preparing to start a new transformation academy. If you are looking for a beginners fitness program that will kick start some real, lasting results, check it out!

Transformation Academy