From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #64


I'm happy to report the 30-minute row for distance is over! I was able to set a new personal record, beating my distance from last year by 71 meters at 6,099 meters rowed. I believe, looking back, I should have set my damper lower and I would have had a greater improvement. I'm chalking it up to a lesson learned for next year and am pleased overall. I'm genuinely excited for my peers over their improvements! One athlete set over a 900-meter improvement over last year's row. Amazing!!

Coach Oscar is keeping us on our toes this month with the programming.Thing's like Weight Vest Wednesday's, Tenacity Thursday and Partner Fri-Yay keep each workout fresh. Of course, partner WODs are my favorite. Anytime we are able to work together with our peers to accomplish what's before us is a great day!

The workout that challenged me the most this week was a 4 minute (wall climb) handstand hold: every break, complete 15 ring rows, and a 400-meter row. The RX version of this workout was a 6-minute handstand hold: every break, 15 pullups, and a 500-meter row. This is a great example of scaling when you need to based on what your abilities are. For me, the 6-minute hold would have been too much.

This past Saturday the TNT family celebrated Christmas as well as many of the year's accomplishments together at Glenmark Farms. It was a beautiful night and so great for all of us to be together! Thank you to Coach Rochelle and all who helped in planning a great night! Our TNT family has certainly grown in 2017 and I can only imagine what 2018 will bring!

Come out and be a part of the excitement! Transformation Academy is the perfect place to start! Check out our
boot camp style, SWIFT classes and all things CrossFit! If starting out the New Year with the type of accountability to keep you moving all the way to 2019 is important, CrossFit TNT is a perfect place for you!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!!