From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #68


I feel like things are starting to smooth out for me in my gym routine with baby. While there is so much happening throughout each pregnancy, one of the primary feelings throughout the 1st trimester is exhaustion! Now that we've entered the 2nd trimester, my energy level is much higher and I'm feeling pretty great! After a quick trip out of town to celebrate my sister's engagement, I was only able to make it to TNT on Friday of last week. This week, however, felt awesome!

I was able to work out three days this week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday without feeling drained or like it was too much. I feel like I was able to successfully get my hands back on my barbell and put in some work while maintaining safety for baby and me. On Tuesday, I was able to work up to a 128 pound bench press, on Wednesday, an 88 pound strict press and Friday, an 83 pound power snatch/hang snatch combo.

Good lifts during our skill work always leave me feeling centered and accomplished coming out of the gym; add that to a workout that while modified for baby and me still pushes me to focus on form, repetitions, and perseverance and we've got a winning combination! After no exercise routine through my first two pregnancies I'm already feeling accomplished and amazed at the difference I feel at just 14 weeks. I'm happy to work to maintain, as much as I can, everything I have worked for over these last two and half years!

It continues to be an awesome experience to work with our coaches to find just the right scaling options when needed. Burpees to a box, assisted push ups, top of a plank hold when side planks become to hard. These are all examples of how, when modified, CrossFit can work for anyone, baby bump and all!

Looking ahead to the next two weeks my hope is that I will experience another successful week of three days and may be able to get my regular 4 workouts in by week after next. My number one priority is baby and I'm looking forward to partner WODing our way through the remainder of these nine months! I'm so thankful to be surrounded by a fantastic support network too!

Whether you need a quick and efficient 30 minute workout, one on ones, Olympic Lifting classes or just want to dive head first into CrossFit, TNT has something for you! Come check us out!