From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #7


It has been a different couple of weeks. After only 2 WOD's last week I knew my back and heel were calling it quits. It's challenging to listen to my body (and my chiropractor) when they say slow down, take a few days to rest/heal and don't over do it and I'm saying go, go, go. So- from last Thursday until this Tuesday there were no workouts for me. After several trips to the chiropractor- lots of ice, heat and ibuprofen I'm cautiously back at it. Two of the things I love about CrossFit are that there is a modification for everything and awareness/encouragement from my coaches! I was able to get 4 WOD's in this week and modify so as to not aggravate still recovering pain and inflammation. I am 'straight up' proud that I was able to end my week with a 125 pound deadlift and 85 pound thruster.

In leu of the physical restrictions of the last 2 weeks I still saw positive results on the scale and am now only 4 lbs. away from reaching the first of my weight loss goals. I recently read something that said "Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods". The continued weight loss is proof that mindful eating alone will continue to promote good health and results. I often look at exercise as the primary reason for weight loss. Much like me, I'm sure most if not all of you have heard or read about how much more impact our diet has over our weight loss than our exercise alone. I'm about to find out how true that is! I will begin a 7 week food and fitness challenge called the Lurong Living Championship Challenge. This challenge will be my first full fledge Paleo adventure. While I'm nervous and excited to see what progress these 7 weeks lead to I'm most terrified to give up my cream and Splenda in my coffee! Yes, I''m serious! Our 4 year old and 19 month old keep me on my toes and the coffee keeps me conscious after my 5 AM workouts. Wish me luck! I look forward to seeing how opening my mind further to the Paleo lifestyle will affect my results and am excited to share with you all the process of these upcoming weeks.