From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #70


How can it be almost 19 weeks have passed? We are about to find out if our baby is a boy or girl and so close to the half-way mark before we finally get to meet our 3rd beautiful baby!

These past two weeks have been wild and crazy. We moved into our new home. Moving alone is enough to drain anyone! Pregnant moving with your family is an adventure. Trying to maintain a workout schedule and find time to sleep has been...interesting. Most of last week's workouts looked something like "move 20 boxes for time" but we are in the home stretch now, this week feeling much more normal!

Thanks to Coach Rochelle for checking on me during a workout this week when I was fairly certain my face looked like I was questioning if I could keep moving. Thanks to Coach Oscar for calling me out for thinking I needed more assistance with the 80 pistols we did yesterday than I actually did. In the end, I'm always glad for the push and thankful that our Coaches know our abilities even if we sometimes doubt ourselves!

Excitingly, today is the day the 2018 CrossFit Games Open begins! I'm really looking forward to 18.1, the 20 minute AMRAP of (scaled) knee raises, dumbbell clean and jerks and 12 calories rowed. I'm ready for the push from these 5 weeks and taking on the Open with baby! The Open is one of my favorite times of year in the CrossFit Community. Cheering on our fellow athletes, seeing them best themselves beyond what they could hope for, seeing new personal records form and more. It's inspiring and those moments of excitement for them and yourself stay with you. Memories made.

I'm hoping you all were able to find time for yourselves these past two weeks, time to make fitness and nutrition a part of your lives. If you haven't already, come check us out!