From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #74


Almost 28 weeks pregnant. 12 more weeks to go until we get to meet our sweet baby girl. So much has changed about my exercise routine. My rowing form is slightly altered to make room for my growing bump, my generally good pace on the bike has become more of a turtles pace and I've taken to using plates for added height when doing cleans and deadlifts, basically any lift started at ground level.

This was a good gym week. I was able to make time for three workouts and scale or change as needed to be safe for baby and me. One day's workout, my already scaled jumping pull ups transitioned to ring rows as Coach Joselyn had suggested before. Listening to what feels right for the baby and my body is the most important aspect of every workout right now.

Another days cardio was made to be quick. 40 calories on the bike, 30 calories on the rower, 20 burpees and 10 calories on the ski erg. While I can't say for sure, I feel certain the bike calories took me double what would be a normal time for me. I did burpees to a box and while the 10 calories on the ski erg felt good and quick I still missed the 10-minute time cap for completion. Missing a time cap is never the goal. In this case, the days goal was maintaining accountability with myself and my friends and making time for exercise when it was the last thing I felt like doing. Somedays it's just that simple.

This week, the day I least wanted to get up and go is the day I'm most thankful I went. On Wednesday, we spent time outside working on farmer carry's, sled pushes and running. I opted to row instead of run but completed the rest of the workout as it was written. It felt so good to be outside as the sun started to rise and we could hear the birds singing. Such a refreshing way to start a day.

Overall, motiviation changes. People start workout routines for so many reasons- planning a wedding, prepping for vacation, holidays...I've been there! Many times, once the occasion passes the dedication passes too. I have learned that true change comes from the dedication of the day to day and weekly routine. Why is it so easy for us to put in the work for a specific event but not the day to day? The real event is life! We should work towards a better us everyday, not just for a season and not just physically. While the reason we actually choose to get up and exercise can and will vary, I challenge you to get up and make the commitment to the everyday. No matter your age, weight or restrictions, the varying coaches and programs at CrossFit TNT have something for you. Come check us out! Accountability is waiting for you!