Iron Will - Off Season Strength & Conditioning Program for Endurance Athletes


It’s cold, dark, and you can’t do what you love the most which is running and cycling. I know it’s lame and you miss the long rides/runs in the sun. This might seem like a very unproductive time of the year for endurance athletes but that is far from true.

This is the perfect time to cross train, work on those weaknesses that have been holding you back, and set yourself up for many successful races this upcoming season. You have developed a tremendous capacity for endurance work and now it’s time to focus on strength, stability, injury prevention, and mobility.

You know that hill that always hits you like a ton of bricks and forces you to downshift?

Strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, and quads will help you conquer that hill next summer.

You know those nagging aches and pains from long distance running that you’ve pushed through too many times?

That can be greatly reduced by improving mobility, stability, and strengthening your core.

This 3-week program will improve your endurance performance by focusing on

  • Posture and shoulder mobility

  • Leg strength & Power

  • Increased lactic threshold

  • Running & cycling economy

This is open non-TNT members only. There are only 8 spots available.

The program is coached by TNT’s head coach Oscar Isacsson. He’s passionate about endurance training and can help you set new personal records.

His education background and certs include:

  • Masters degree in Human Performance

  • Bachelors degree in Exercise Science

  • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certification

  • CrossFit Endurance Certification

  • CrossFit Mobility

  • CrossFit L3 Certified


Thursday Jan 3rd 6pm-7pm

Thursday Jan 10th 6pm-7pm

Thursday Jan 17th 6pm-7pm

Iron Will is $60

What’s included:

  • 3x1h group workouts

  • All participants will get an additional workout template that they can follow outside of the gym on their own.

  • Mobility program for optimizing recovery from long rides and runs


Do I have to be an worldclass ironman athlete to benefit from this?

This is for all levels of endurance athletes.

What does a session look like?

General warm-up 5-10min

Running and bicycling specific mobility work 5-10min

Sport specific resistance training 10-20min

Interval weight training for improved threshold 10-20min

Cool down & mobility 5-10min

What if I can’t make 1 of the dates but still want to do it?

Email for a custom plan.

If have never seen the gym and want to chat with Coach Oscar what do I do?

Email or call 636 328 3701 to set up a tour of the gym.

I don’t have any lifting experience can I do this?

The lifting will be tailored towards novice and intermediate lifters. The lifting will be modified to meet your fitness level. We can simplify any movement and we can adjust the weight to suit your strength level.

Follow this link to secure a spot -> Iron Will Registration