New Program! - Individualized Workouts


We are launching a new service at TNT!

We will be offering personalized programming. This is a unique blend between our main offering which is group classes and personal training.

If you want to lose fat, build muscle, and be a well-rounded athlete then group class is the way to go. Our group classes cover the needs of 90% of our clients. CrossFit and Swift give you an overall fitness prescription that will keep you fit for a long time.

If you want more attention, accountability, and 100% customized workouts for your goals and schedule then personal training is what you need.


Let’s say you really like the group class and maybe the occasional personal training session. But you have one or two very specific goals that you really want to achieve. Maybe it’s shaving a minute of your 1 mile PR time, adding 20 lbs to your back squat, getting that first pull-up, or do some bulletproofing so that your back doesn’t hurt after a day of sitting at a desk.

We work on these things in the group class very regularly. We squat every week, run frequently, and do pull-ups often but sometimes you miss those days. You workout on Mon, Wed, Friday and squatting day happens to be Tuesday and Saturday. Now what?

Maybe your goal is to add 20lbs to your front squat, you make it to the front squat day in class, and still don’t see the numbers increase? Chances are you have reached an advanced enough training stage where 1 session of specific work doesn’t cut it anymore. You need 2 or 3 sessions to break through to new levels.

You just need a little extra practice at something but you don’t know how to structure it. You’ve been training at TNT for a while and have good movement proficiency.

This is where an individualized workout will help you get that extra push needed to conquer your goal.

  1. Let us know what your specific performance goal is

  2. Coach Lyndy or Coach Courtney will create a workout specifically designed for you and your goals

  3. The workout will be sent to you weekly

  4. This will be a new workout each week

  5. You complete the workout on your own at the gym

  6. You keep track of your lifts and report feedback to the coach

  7. You do regular group classes, sprinkle in individualized workouts, and crush PRs


  • 1 Individualized workout per week for $39 per month

  • 2 Individualized workouts per week for $64 per month

This is an add-on to whichever membership level you have (6x, 10x, 14x, Unlimited, Swift)

Important notes:

  • This is a trial program. We’ll re-evaluate after 2 months.

  • We only accept 10 people to start with.

  • We will establish a waitlist if more clients want to do the program

  • Individual session counts as a regular group class visit

  • Each workout will be similar yet new each week

  • Coach Lyndy & coach Courtney will oversee all individual programs.

  • A client has to commit to at least 1 month of individualized workouts.

  • The client has to have a minimum of 4 months of training with TNT

  • The program will not include anything that needs supervision (maxing out, high skill gymnastics)

  • This program is for someone that has a very specific performance goal.

  • When doing an individualized workout the client still signs up in mindbody under ‘Plan B’.

  • Workouts will be done during regular group class hours at the gym

  • If you perform an individualized workout please be cognizant of what the group class is doing. We will share equipment and respect each other's space.

  • The add-on will auto-renew every 30 days from the starting date until you notify your coach about a cancellation