November is here!!!

Hey TNT'ers! It is almost the end of the year and as always, these next two months just fly by so fast! What's in store for November, you ask?

Our Primary Focus this month is based on rowing, bike, Ski Erg and running (if applicable). This will prepare us for our December benchmark WOD (30 minute AMRAP meters on the rower). As athletes, we want you to work on great technique so each can deliver the best output on each of our cardio pieces. Everything always transfers to other movements so it will build on overall knowledge of all CossFit movements.

Our monthly Benchmark WOD is Fight Gone Bad. If you have done this in the past, make sure to get your WOD Book out and see how many reps you completed and what scaling notes you had done, if any. Let's push ourselves to strive for the extra rep in each of the movements to get PR's all across the board!

Bring A Friend has moved from Thursday to Saturday (8:30am class). We love meeting new friends so make sure to bring them this Saturday!

At TNT, we listen to what our athletes want, and starting Tuesday, November 6th we will have an 8am class that is replacing our 9am class. We hope that this will encourage more members to be able to work out in the morning.

DEADLINE to sign up for the Christmas party is November 24th! We are trying to get a head count to determine other details, so please sign up ASAP. The Christmas party will be held at 7pm at The Barn in New Town and TNT is catering Sugar Fire for our yummy food. $18 per person will give you unlimited cocktails and beer! You are allowed to bring 1 person with you (friend, spouse, significant other, etc). If you plan on bringing 1 person, please sign yourself up twice in mindbody so we can get an accurate head count. It's always a great time, so don't forget to sign up!