Partner Challenge!


Partner Nutrition Challenge - Fall 2019

Are you ready to step up your nutrition and workout game?

Are you looking for extra accountability from a partner that’s going to call you out on your shenanigans?

Do you want to win personal training session, protein powder, braggin rights, and score some personal records in the process?

We have just the thing you need.

We are doing another one of our very popular partner nutrition challenges. The guidelines are simple and VERY powerful. We have 9 daily points available and your goal is to get as many of them as possible with your partner for 30 days.

The challenge is $20 per person and these are the prizes for the challenge winners:

  • 1st 5x30min duo PT session with Oscar

  • 2nd 2x30min duo PT Sessions with Lyndy

  • 3rd 1stPhorm protein powder

The challenge starts on Monday September 9th

The challenge ends on Tuesday October 8th (30 days)


You are encouraged to monitor your weight, measurements, and performance, however, the challenge is all points-based. We want you to focus on the process. Taking one day at a time. If you can turn these 9 bingo items into a daily habit then you will see weight loss and great performance results. Each bingo item is worth 1 point. The points will be collected every week through an email sent out to you.

Rules explanation

10 000 steps

  • Walk 10 000 steps. This is the minimum to achieve 1 point. If you take more steps good for you. No extra points for doing 20 000. You will calculate this number by using a Fitbit, apple watch, smartphone, or similar tracker. Don’t have a fancy tracker to use? Walk 5miles and you are set.

Extra credit

  • If you are feeling extra energetic you can perform this at the gym OR outside of the gym for an extra point

    • 100 Sit-ups

    • 100 Cal bike/row/ski (this can be split up if desired for example 50 cal row & 50 cal ski)

    • Run 1 mile


  • 7 hours of active sleep. This does not mean 7 hours in bed with 1 hour of surfing on your phone. Power naps count towards the daily sleep total. You can’t sleep for 14h in one day to make up points for a day with less than 7h.


  • You will get a point for an activity that helps you stay active, de-stress, and recover from exercise. This can be a walk in the park, easy bike ride, paddleboard, meditation, swim, or similar activity. Stretching is a great option as well. The minimum time requirement is 10min.


  • For this bingo item you have to consume half your body weight in oz of water. Here’s a math example for you, Sally weighs 200lbs. Sally divides 200/2 which equals 100. Sally needs to drink 100oz of water. This can be spread out throughout the day. Only water counts. You may consume unsweetened tea and black coffee, however, this does not add to the water total. Sparkling water without calories counts as water.

TNT workout

  • You will get a point for doing a Swift workout, CrossFit workout, Plan B, or lifting class at the gym. Mobility class does not count as a session and the workout has to be performed at the gym.

No liquid calories

  • Beverages that are allowed are water, sparkling water, unsweet tea, and black coffee. Protein shakes are allowed which is an exception to the liquid calorie rule. Alcohol is limited to 1 drink per day which is also an exception to the liquid calorie rule. Soda, diet soda, and protein shakes high in carbohydrates are not allowed. Alcoholic beverages can not be “saved up” over several days. Creamers of any kind are not allowed. Low-calorie energy drink such as monsters, rockstars, bang, NOCCO, and Reign are not allowed.

Protein with each meal

  • Each time you have a meal OR a snack it has to contain a minimum of 20 grams of protein. Don’t know how much protein is in food? This would be a great time to educate yourself by reading labels and using the google machine. If this feels like an overwhelming task, skip that bingo option. Focus on the rest of them. Good sources of protein include.

    • Meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish, etc.)

    • Eggs

    • Dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese)

    • Protein shakes, protein powder, and protein bars

No Junk Food

  • If you’ve stayed away from these items through the day you've earned yourself a point. For questionable food items and grey areas please ask Lyndy or Oscar on the community page for clarifications.

    • Candy

    • Pizza

    • Baked goods

    • Desserts

    • Bread

    • Pasta

    • Rice

    • Breakfast cereal

    • Cake

    • Pastries

    • Sauces containing added sugar

    • Fried foods

    • Chips

    • Yogurts high in added sugar

    • Ice cream (any kind)

    • Hot dogs

You get to choose who your partner is. This can be a swifter or a crossfitter. Maybe you have a friend/colleague/family member that is looking to start working out? This is a great time to start. They can jump right into Swift class or sign up for the Transformation Academy that starts on the same day.

If you are interested in doing the challenge but don’t have a partner? Send me a message and I might be able to team you up with someone.

We will not have an official weigh-in and measurements taken as we’ve done in the past. This is all being scored on points. The team with the most points will win. If there is a tie the team with the most workouts completed at TNT will win. You are encouraged to measure your own improvements with the scale, tape measure, and pictures. The points will be tracked using the honor system.

Registration will open on Wednesday, Sept 4th. You can register yourself in mind-body under events.