Postpartum Journey Blog 1 - Meg


In a flash 6 weeks was over. While I routinely dreamt of working out and at 4 weeks postpartum I got "caught" bringing the dumbells into the house by my husband I will also freely say how much I loved not setting the alarm for 4am!

Ms. Mackenzie was born on July 18th at 7lb 9oz of beautiful and we've been wrapped around her tiny finger ever since. Becoming a family of 5 has been the most exciting adventure for our family. With a big sister and brother who play rock, paper, scissors over who gets to hold her first and the endless love of her parents and pets too, Mackenzie's off to a great start!

Last week I was cleared for exercise by my Doctor and I contemplated driving straight from there to the gym! Ha! But seriously, the alarm was set for the very next morning. The 4 AM alarm is now set for 330. It works out perfectly with Mackenzie's feeding schedule. She's ready to nurse, I'm ready to leave for my workout and just like before, this Momma and Wife is gone and back again before the day begins. Making time for myself and my health a priority. Making time to be the best me I can be for my family.

Though I know it wasn't planned, it felt like a present that my 1st day back included front and back squats. Squatting for the 1st time since my 1st trimester really was exciting!

I opted to go 2x a week for these first two weeks back and will increase to 3 and 4 times a week over this next month. I've been working on tracking my food at home and while I'm back in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes this postpartum body is different than before. While they haven't been taken yet, I'm sure my measurements reflect that.

Currently I'm signed up to participate in the upcoming Lurong Championship Challenge. It is my hope that hitting reset on my nutrition with some of my fellow athletes will jump start my continued weightloss and set me on the right track to see some major change over the course of the next few months.

Being back at CrossFit TNT feels great. I'm starting over again. Looking at my weights lifted, row times, etc. as a baseline. Choosing not to feel defeated when things look much different than before but rather excited to climb back up to where I was and more.

This week I was doing air squats during a workout prescribed for pistols and I scaled the scaled weight prescribed for our benchmark workout. That's ok. I have to start from somewhere and right where I'm at is it! Wherever you are with your fitness journey, sitting at home planning to start next week or a seasoned "really good exerciser" as good friend of mine would say, don't wait to set goals for yourself. Make it fun and see yourself grow in the process. Come check us out at CrossFit TNT. Age and ability aside, there is seriously something for everyone!