Postpartum Journey Blog 2-Meg Hesemann


Someone asked me recently how my recovery from Mackenzie being born varies from when Adeline and Grant were born. As I was not a regular exerciser prior to their birth, I cant compare. What I can say is this- I am challenged, goal oriented and determined!

In the last 5 weeks I have managed to lose any remaining weight I gained while pregnant as well as an additional 4 lbs since the start of our Lurong Championship Challenge at TNT. I have worked hard to stay committed to cooking the right foods at home and track what I'm eating. With any pregnancy, a woman's body composition changes and I accept that my inches and weight will not rebound at the same rate. That's ok!

I have yet to resume working out 4 days a week but have maintained 3 workouts a week. I have struggled with myself over the decrease in my speed and strength. Things I had grown to feel confident doing such as heavy sled pushes, clean and jerks and squats I have started over with. While I'm excited to see myself bouncing back so well it doesn't negate the human nature of feeling frustrated with my decreased abilities.

My goals for October are to resume and maintain 4 workouts a week, continue to succeed at the Lurong Championship Challenge with an additional 5-6lb weight loss for the month and get back to a 2 minute or less 500 meter row. I don't doubt the weights lifted will continue to increase but for now I've set my mind on the attainable. Picking a few short term goals at a time and marking them off one by one. Slowly but surely the rest will follow.

As always, It's my hope that reading some of my struggles and successes will help you find determination and drive to meet your own goals. I hope you feel encouraged and most of all I hope you know that you're not alone. People all over the world are in varying stages of health and fitness. Come check us out a TNT. I promise it's worth it and there are friends waiting to keep you accountable! Check out TNT's website in November and December for what's to come!