Postpartum Journey Blog 3


Being 12 pounds down from the 1st to final weigh in of the Lurong Championship Challenge has me feeling great! Having just given birth, my motivation was high this challenge, better yet, my commitment level was higher than ever. In addition to the many fat lbs converted to lean mass, a sense of accomplishment comes from a now 60 pound weight loss since starting CrossFit.

I've heard many times from my peers how seamless my return has been and I am truly thankful for the 38 weeks of my pregnancy I was able to continue with a modified form of my normal fitness routine. The results I've seen, at what is now 3 1/2 months postpartum, I owe to my dedication but also to the programming designed to challenge us everyday at TNT.

I'm meeting goals and was thrilled today when I was able to work back up to a 273 pound Deadlift. Not yet back to my previous personal record but one I had to fight for all the same.

I'm not sure what to attribute the change to but something about this challenge put me on the warpath for shaping this body the way I want it to be. Because of that, things that have challenged me before about making the right choices in the kitchen have become much easier. Very simply put, A+B=C. Commitment to continued training and work in the kitchen has and will continue to yield the results I'm after.

I count myself blessed that I can testify to the life change that CrossFit can bring. Come check us out and see what program is best for you! TNT has so much to offer!

Look out! Next month you'll see a vlog from me reflecting and bringing closure to My Beginning To Yours but also announcing a new and exciting opportunity coming for everyone at TNT!

Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me! - Meg Hesemann