Spring Into Wellness Challenge


It's spring time! If your new year goals seem to be slipping, or you're feeling like you're in a slump, this challenge is for you!

This is different from the past challenges! There will be a nutrition seminar, right before the challenge begins. Coach Lyndy will be touching on different aspects of nutrition and habits. The seminar will also break down some of the confusing information that is out there, along with the hardships. This will also be the time to ask your questions, so bring them! The seminar will be on Saturday May 15th at noon.

This challenge will be different from the others as it is only two weeks. Why?...well... You can do anything for two weeks!

The challenge will begin May 16th and go through May 29th until midnight.

The challenge is meant to help jumpstart you back on track or maybe you just want two weeks to focus strictly on cleaning up your habits. This is an individual challenge, however, anyone can do it. Grab a friend!

The rules will be bingo points, and you will turn your points in each Saturday. (See bingo card below)

There will be prizes!

The Seminar and Challenge combined will be $20.00. You sign up in mindbody for the challenge.

Sign up link ->


Challenge Rules

All points are worth 1 point, there will be a few bonus points released during the week to get if you choose too.

TNT workout or home workout: This can be crossfit, swift, personal training or home workout. Needs to be at least 30 minutes to count. You cannot combine the gym workout if it's outside. The outside point is a separate point that must be done at a different time.

No junk food: This means no sugar, cheat meals, or junk.

Junk includes:

Baked goods




Sugary treats

Ice cream


Fast food of any kind

Fried food of any kind

No liquid calories:



Creamer for coffee


Almond milk (yes, even for cooking)

Oils for cooking

2 cups of veggies for 3 meals: This can be your snacks or main meals. It doesn't matter which meal, as long as 3 meals you are getting 2 cups of veggies.

20g of protein per meal: I suggest tracking food in the fitness pal so you know what is in your food. Making sure you get protein is important. It keeps our bodies functioning, immune systems strong, and builds muscles. If you eat 3 meals or 10, you need to have 20g of protein in each meal, even if it's a snack.

7 hours of sleep: This is minimal to get the point. If you get more that is great. Sleep is essential to recovery and performance.

Water: This will be different for everyone. Per pound you weigh, you need to drink a half ounce of water. Example: 200lb person, they will drink 100 ounces of water a day. Take your weight and divide by 2, that will give you the amount you need to drink everyday to get the point.

10 minutes of stretching and mobility: This can be before or after the gym workout, or at home. If you aren't sure what to do for 10 minutes, look up ROMWOD, MOBILITY WOD, or GOWOD, they are great apps that guide you through some good mobility.

20 minutes outside: This is to get you 20 minutes to relax or do an active recovery workout. This can be sitting outside reading for 20 minutes or going for a run. You just need to get outside and off the couch away from netflix.