Swift & TNT Partner Challenge - Cash Prizes!


Want some extra motivation to workout? Ready to improve your fitness and pick up some CASH at the same time? Struggling with motivation and need some extra accountability?


It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes and we need a little extra something to keep us going. This will be a fun way to keep you extra motivated by offering some prizes, putting some extra skin in the game, and having fun with like minded individuals.

This challenge is for you if:
You want extra accountability
You want to raise the stakes and push extra hard towards your goals
Get social support to stay on track
Win some CASH?!

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Win money and reach your fitness goals would be pretty sweet :)

Here is how the challenge works:
-The Challenge lasts for 21 days
-Everyone pitches in $20 each
-You team up with a partner. This can be a friend you have in mind or we will team you up with someone. Your partner can be ANYONE you want to. Friends, family, grandma, sister, boss, Swift member, TNT member, non-member, and etc.
-The top teams will win CASH based on how well they either improve their measurements or how many fitness points they accumulate
-The bottom teams will forfeit their entry fee to the teams that were more committed

Cash payout:
1st Points team gets 40% of the $
2nd Points team gets 10% of the $
3rd Point team gets their money back
1st Measurement team gets 40% of the $
2nd Measurement team gets 10% of the $
3rd Measurement team gets their money back
*3rd place refund is taken out of the cash pool and THEN winners get their %

Challenge rules:
-You have to start with baseline measurements and re-test them at the end.
Circumference taken at waist, hips, legs, and arms

-Bingo sheet points system
You get 1 point for each “Bingo” item you achieve daily. Partners are accountable for logging and keeping track of their points daily as well as weekly. There will be a weekly points submission through a google drive questionnaire.
At least one team member has to be on facebook. Failure to comply with submission deadlines, show up at the gym for scheduled pretest and retest times will result in a forfeit of the entire team's entry fee.


The challenge starts on Monday, October 30th at 12 am

The challenge ends on Monday, November 20th at 12 am

Here’s how you get signed up:
Go to Facebook, search for the group ‘Swift Boot Camp & CFTNT Partner Challenge’, request to join

The pretest and cash payment will be done before the starting date join the FB page and schedule it with coach Oscar. The re-test has to be done by the 22nd join the FB page and schedule it with coach Oscar.

Let’s commit to your goals and step up the intensity with a partner!