Swift Boot Camp Summer Challenge


Swift Summer Challenge

Want some extra motivation to workout? Ready to improve your fitness and pick up some CASH at the same time? Struggling with motivation and need some extra accountability?


It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes and we need a little extra something to keep us going. This will be a fun way to keep you extra motivated by offering some prizes, putting some extra skin in the game, and having fun with like minded individuals.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You want extra accountability

  • You want to raise the stakes and push extra hard towards your goals

  • Get social support to stay on track

  • Win some CASH?!

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Win money and reach your fitness goals would be pretty sweet :)

Here is how the challenge works:

  • The Challenge lasts for 21 days

  • Everyone pitches in $10 each

  • The top Swifters will win CASH based on how well they either improve their measurements or how many fitness points they accumulate

Cash payout:

  • 1st Points person gets 50% of the $

  • 1st Measurement person gets 50% of the $

Challenge rules:

  • You have to start with baseline measurements and re-test them at the end.

    • Circumference taken around waist, hips, legs, and arms

  • Bingo sheet points system

    • You get 1 point for each “Bingo” item you achieve daily. Swifters are accountable for logging and keeping track of their points daily as well as weekly. There will be a weekly points submission through a google drive questionnaire.

  • Failure to comply with submission deadlines, show up at the gym for scheduled pretest and retest times will result in a forfeit of the entry fee.



  1. No alcohol allowed. ZERO. Will you die if you have a glass of wine? Of course not, however, you do lose out on a point. Please don’t fall for the “Well I’ve lost my alcohol point already I might as well have 12 more beers and 6 more shots”.

  2. These are non starchy vegetables. Corn, beans, potato, and sweet potato does not count. Need a size reference? Picture a baseball, that’s the size of a cup. Spread out your intake through the day as desired.

  3. This is time spent sleeping and not laying in bed. Turn OFF netflix, plan your evening out, and go to bed. Have to get up super early? Go to bed early.

  4. 3g of Fish-oil. Eating a serving of fish or seafood will suffice as well. If you want a product recommendation follow this link ->

  5. Have 20g of protein either 1h before exercise or 1h after exercise. This could be any protein source (egg, meat, greek yogurt, protein shake, and etc).

  6. No liquid calories except for protein shakes. Allowed beverages are unsweet tea, black coffee, water, and sparkling water without added sugar.

  7. Any class at the gym counts as a workout. You can only get 1 workout point per day.

  8. Working ‘In’ is restorative practices that helps you recover. Think stretching, foam rolling, swift relax, yoga, and meditation.

  9. Protein is king when improving body composition. With each full meal make sure you have a serving of protein. A serving is at least 20g of protein. If you don’t know how much protein is in food this is a great time to do some research :) A quick google search is all you need.

  10. Wheat ingredients are not allowed. Gluten is not the devil, however, it’s very easy to overeat donuts, pizza, and breadsticks. Going for a gluten free replacements is allowed but not encouraged.

  11. No added sugar is allowed. This might be the most challenging point to get. Stick to whole and unprocessed foods as much as possible. Read labels and stay away from this

    1. agave syrup

    2. brown sugar

    3. cane juice and cane syrup

    4. confectioners’ sugar

    5. corn sweetener and corn syrup

    6. dextrose

    7. fructose

    8. fruit juice concentrates

    9. glucose

    10. granulated white sugar

    11. high-fructose corn syrup

    12. honey

    13. invert sugar

    14. lactose

    15. maltose

    16. malt syrup

    17. molasses

    18. raw sugar

    19. sucrose

    20. Syrup.

  12. 15 min of outdoor time. Soak up some vitamin D and de-stress. This can be broken up if needed.

  13. Write down in a digital or paper document three things that you are grateful for. It has to be 3 new items each day added to the same document.

  14. Do something unexpectedly nice for someone. This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture just try to make the effort to put a smile on someone's face without expecting anything in return. Random examples:

    1. Tell a coworker that their new haircut looks really good

    2. Hold the door up for someone who needs a hand

    3. Tip extra for great service

    4. Call your parents

    5. Give you friends the ‘tough love’ they need

  15. Fill up a tall glass of water and drink before your meal. Can be done 30min up until the first bite has gone down. Have at last 12oz.

  16. If you can not make a class at the gym you can still earn ½ a point by doing this workout

    1. 800m Run

    2. 60 Jumping Jacks

    3. 50 Walking lunges

    4. 40 Sit-ups

    5. 30 Air squats

    6. 20 Burpees

    7. 10 Push-ups

    8. 1min Plank (break up if needed)

The challenge starts on Monday May 14th

The challenge ends on Sunday June 3rd

Pre-test = Anytime before May 14th. Sign up for Swift class and take measurements before or after class. Message Coach Oscar if needed.

Post test = Anytime before Monday June 4th

Here’s how you get signed up:

  • Go to facebook, search for the group ‘Swift Boot Camp Summer Challenge’ and request to join

  • We will use this page for points submission and scheduling of measurements

The pretest and cash payment will be done before the starting date. The re-test has to be done before or on June 3rd.

The tiebreaker from the points competition will be most completed workouts.

For example let's say 2 people have the same amount of points at the end. The winner is the person who completed the most amount of workouts at the gym. I’ll use mindbody to run the numbers so make sure that you sign up for class AND unsign yourself up if classes is missed.

- The tie breaker for the measurement competition will be the person with the lowest starting baseline measurement even if the % improvement is the same.

Let’s commit to your goals and step up the intensity!